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Old World Craftmanship

Local Los Angeles casket factory open to the public.
Serving southern CA since 1933.

FREE LOCAL DELIVERY - Within 30 miles.
NO SALES PRESSURE - Your comfort is important to us.
EXCELLENT VALUE - From a family owned and operated business.

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Why Choose Us?

    We let customers know where to buy other items such as cemetery property, mortuary services, flowers, grave markers and vaults at low prices from reliable vendors. We do the comparison shopping for you.
    Buy a casket direct from our factory and save by avoiding a funeral home markup. We are the only casket factory in Los Angeles open to the public, and our caskets are of the highest quality.
    Delivery is free within 30 miles of us.
    Asian, Buddhist, Catholic, Hispanic, Hmong, Islamic, Jewish, Molokan, Mormon, Protestant, child, cloth-covered, cremation, metal, oversize, solid woods, Dracula and Old West. Our wood caskets and coffins are made of solid wood (they are not cardboard, particleboard or veneer).

There's more to saving on a funeral than buying a low priced casket

Many funeral homes charge a large fee for not buying the casket directly from them in their package “deal.” They call this extra fee a “loss of a discount.” It makes people lose savings they thought they could make by purchasing an inexpensive casket from another source. We can refer our customers to funeral homes who do not do this.

Most casket retailers aren’t familiar with local mortuaries, cemeteries, and other funeral resources. They only care about a quick sale of a casket. We help customers find all parts of a funeral at lower prices whenever possible. Saving on more aspects of funerals, you get greater total savings than from just buying a low priced casket without further advice.

Most people lack the time and knowledge to cut funeral costs

Most cemeteries and mortuaries sell over-priced funeral products and services. When a death occurs at home or at a rest home, you must find a mortuary immediately. At that time, people are emotionally upset, unable to think clearly, and lacking time to comparison shop for the many components of a funeral. Picking the cemetery and/or mortuary closest to your home, that you’ve heard advertised, or that you have used before can result in overpaying by thousands.

Beware of costly traps

PACKAGE DEALS: In a package deal, the mortuary offers a “discounted” casket along with other items and services. The mortuary stresses the “discount” on the casket but doesn’t tell you about the inflated prices of everything else. The inflated price of the rest of the package is often several thousand dollars more than the “discount” offered on the casket. People get so focused on the casket “discount,” they get the package “deal” and end up grossly overpaying for the funeral.


Dear Joey and Isabelle,

It's coming one year since we met as you walked with our family, choosing just the right casket for our father. I've told your story, your great care with us, but also your history in Los Angeles and especially with the Japanese American community. My dad would have loved chatting with you both.

Thank you, for your care with us and for your commitment to the art and ministry of casket-making and accompanying families at a vulnerable time. Many blessings for you and your family in 2013.

Stacy K.

Dear Isabelle,

I would like to express, on behalf of my family, our sincere gratitude to you. ABC Caskets was recommended by the fire department. We were able to take the price list from the mortuary and compare it to your factory direct prices. We saved nearly $1,200 just by simply contacting you. The casket was absolutely beautiful. It brought so much class to Dad’s day. The accent details were that of pure craftsmen. I could just look and see this. But I didn’t. I actually touched it and studied it. It was obvious. Several of the guests came forward and mentioned the beauty of it as well.

Your website answered so many of our questions. You gave us personalized service that you just don’t see anymore. Helping us save money on other funeral items was an example of the little things you did to help us. We really felt like you cared about us and Dad and wanted him to have a perfect day.

Tony H. FirefighterIII/Paramedic-Los Angeles