No! The funeral home package is a tactic meant to confuse the consumer and give the mortuary more latitude to offer you a favorable figure in one area, the casket, while inflating figures in other funeral items, primarily the funeral service fee and in some cases the cemetery plot. The solution to the problem is as simple as calling ABC Caskets Factory. Usually, a large discount is offered on the casket. The customer then fails to see that the other funeral items in the package are greatly over priced. An extreme example of how misleading a casket discount can be was a mortuary ad several years ago which offered a free casket if you purchase their “affordable” funeral package. To tell if the package is overpriced, you must compare the total cost of the funeral home package with the total cost of funeral expenses purchased from other suppliers separately. Examples of some of these costs are: funeral home service fee, cemetery plot, flowers, vault, and grave marker. When you buy these items separately from other suppliers you can save 50% or more. ABC Caskets Factory helps our customers avoid the funeral package trap. At ABC Caskets Factory we help our customers save not only on the casket but on other major funeral items not yet purchased. Our knowledge of the funeral industry allows us quickly educate our customers so they can make informed decisions, save time, and in many cases thousands of dollars.

Come to ABC Caskets Factory and see how our caskets are manufactured. We will show you the quality of the materials and workmanship that goes into making our caskets. Then you will go through our showroom that contains wood, cloth covered and metal caskets. We have more caskets on our floor than most funeral homes or retail casket stores and our prices are among the lowest in the United States. If possible, we recommend that our customers bring other relatives or friends with them to our facility. You need someone who is objective and will not be swayed by emotion to over spend. We focus on trying to manufacture caskets that families like and at the same time make sure that they don’t select something beyond their budget. We have beautiful caskets in all price ranges so a family will not be embarrassed because they can’t afford a decent looking casket. We stress quality throughout our product line.

When a customer comes to ABC Caskets Factory, we not only help by providing the casket, we also supply information about how to save on other major funeral costs. To maximize savings the following components must be selected carefully: Funeral Home, Cemetery Plot, Vault, Marker, & Flowers. Not all of these items apply in every case. We try to determine which items the family still needs. It is not unusual to save thousands of dollars overall. You save by buying the casket from us. You also save by using the valuable resources we provide to you at no additonal cost.

Since we manufacturer caskets, we can make custom sizes. In addition, we let families know the least expensive alternatives and what other complications may have to be faced. It is important that measurements be made correctly by the funeral home personnel and that the caskets be of the proper design to avoid unnecessary problems and costs. An irregular size is one of the areas of our business where over 70 years of experience in making caskets is helpful to the customer.

The majority of our business is in Los Angeles and Orange County. In this local area, the casket is delivered in one of our specially equipped trucks and taken to the desired local mortuary. For further distances we make special arrangements with reputable companies who specialize in transporting caskets by ground or air.

Yes! The Federal Trade Commission has legally barred mortuaries from refusing to accept a casket from a family that opts to purchase the casket from an outside source.

No! The Federal Trade Commission does not allow extra fees. However, discounts are often times given if a casket is purchased as part of a funeral home package. In many cases families are better off if they avoid funeral home packages and shop for the best prices for the funeral home service, cemetery plot, vault, marker & flowers. We provide our customers with this valuable information as part of our service.

ABC Casket Factory offers free ground delivery to local mortuaries within 30 miles of our factory.

ABC Caskets Factory has been serving all religions and ethnic groups in Southern California since 1933. Our caskets reflect the customs and styles preferred by wonderful people from all over the world.